Sitting at a desk all day is good for flexibility and core strength, said no-one ever!

After hours of sitting at your desk, your shoulders are completely overloaded with the tensions of the day and your poor hamstrings are begging to be stretched, not to mention your back. You need purestretch 😉

Relieve the stress text

You might be sat at a desk or driving all day. Either way, your shoulders carry the stress and they need a good stretch.

Hamstrings highly strung?

Of course they are if you're sitting down with your knees bent all day. Tight hamstrings means a tight back which is no fun. The perfect antidote? purestretch!

We make fitness fun text

When you work hard, the thought of more hard work in the gym just isn't appealing. We want you to have fun and smile at a purestretch class :)

“purestretch classes have been incredibly popular at Gillette ever since we started last Spring!”
Angela — she runs purestretch at work :)