First there was Yoga, then Pilates and now…
What makes purestretch so special?

Purestretch makes movement fun, accessible and effective for every single individual no matter what age. Our combination of core strengthening exercises within each flexibility workout make it a 3-in-1 concept: move, stretch, and strengthen. Purestretch believes there is a HUGE demand for improving flexibility and core strength and Purestretch does just this with a light-hearted, yet professional delivery! We have an element of yoga included in our routines but avoid its holistic nature; we add Pilates sequences to challenge the core but with more speed and clients love it!

should I introduce purestretch to my timetable?
  • Purestretch appeals to everyone and can fill your studio in the quiet times
  • Purestretch is great for corporate wellbeing
  • Men love it too! We know some men can shy away from Pilates and Yoga classes – purestretch is doable, lighthearted and enjoyed by all
  • Due to the versatility of Purestretch, it’s a fab way to streamline class and costs cover
should my team train with purestretch
  • We teach excellent stretching workshops, your team will really know their… stretch!
  • The Purestretch Tutors are a team of inspiring, experienced and qualified tutors/assessors
  • Purestretch is a Cimpsa Trainer Partner . and also endorsed by EMKuk ..quality assured
  • The Purestretch training day is fab for team building, everyone is buzzing by the end of the day!
  • Purestretch prides itself on its continuous support so rest assured ..your team will be looked after
 is the cost benefit?
  • There is no license fee to run Purestretch classes in your gym
  • Your instructor has the option to join the purestretchpro membership at a discounted rate of £6.99pm which gives them access to music, class content, workshops  .. the list goes on.
  • Get your team on the workshop at a great discounted rate
Interested? fab ..just get in touch and we’ll do the rest ; )


Are we popular…


Roko Health Clubs

“We have purestretch on our fitness timetable 8 times a week and all the classes are fully booked weekly with waiting list in place for cancellations! The members love the variety of stretches in the class content plus the instructors are all very different here so they really do get versatility in every class. Not only have the members seen a difference in their range of motion, flexibility and strength but also the instructors teaching the class have seen improvements in their own posture within stretches/poses and they are experiencing less injuries whilst feeling better for adding it to their list of disciplines. If I was to take pure stretch off the timetable here at ROKO there would be riots at the door! The class is loved and experienced by so many members of all shapes, sizes and ages! We are very lucky to have so many great instructors teaching this class at the club”

Phyllis Court Members Club

“Our purestretch classes are some of the most sought after classes in our Fitness Centre studio. We receive constant feedback from our members about the wonderful results from their regular attendance and they are always requesting more purestretch to be included on our timetable. The classes welcome a range of ages and abilities, and with the skilled teaching of our instructors everyone feels the incredible benefits of taking part in our purestretch classes”

David Lloyd Clubs

“purestretch are hugely popular classes. The members feedback is always positive particularly about the fun and light hearted delivery and the fact that they can feel positive results in their movement within weeks”

The Club Company

“Ciaran introduced purestretch to The Club Company by hosting a complimentary class at our studio in Maidenhead. It was a huge hit and we did not hesitate in adding purestretch to the timetable. Within weeks classes were fully booked with a waiting list. Members love the flow, fun and energy of the instructors and the routines.”

The Studio at Bankhouse

“I met Ciaran on a Pure Stretch course a few years ago and after qualifying, introduced the programme to my studio in Taunton. I started with one morning and one evening class a week which didn’t last long as they were both full in the first week! This resulted in me adding more Pure Stretch classes to the time table and now have a Pure Stretch class every day of the week! We also deliver three Pure Stretch with Power classes a week! Pure Stretch is an amazing class which caters for everyone. Coming from a Pilates back ground I actually never believed it would match the popularity of Pilates – but it has!”

Donna Knoll
Studio Owner in Taunton

“I work closely with Physiotherapists, Osteopaths and Chiropractors in my area, and they all recommend Pure Stretch to their clients who need to move more freely and/or increase their flexibility which is an incredible accolade. Offering Pure Stretch on our time table ensures we meet our clients needs from both a core strength and flexibilty angle. I cannot praise the programme enough x.”