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Helen Pybus – Pilates Presenter and Master Trainer

“Loved doing the purestrech training and compliments my Pilates so well !!”

Daniel Barker​ –
Head of Health & Fitness Life Leisure

 “We chose Pure Stretch because of the reputation they have built in delivering top performing holistic style classes which is an area we want to grow within our studio timetables. The passion Ci showed during her workshop delivery was infectious! She was clear and effective in her communication, our trainers had the opportunity to learn, practice with peers and test their knowledge to ensure the material is applied effectively after the course.

We excited to see how this new partnership grows and we are confident that the Pure Stretch classes will be a hit with both our members and coaches. I recommend Pure Stretch to all Studio instructors, coaches and personal trainers.”.

Nikki Nieduszynska –
Natural Healing Expert

 “Thank you very much for yesterday. It was an excellent training day, it was delivered brilliantly, it was enough chat, without it being boring, enough physical to get to grips with it and the manual is of a high quality. Quite rare in a course. I think the pre online info was brilliant too, although I still have to get through all of that! Really well thought through, well done you”.

Sarah Shipp – Fitness Professional

“I just wanted to pass on my thanks to the team for such a well produced training programme. All the on-line material was really useful and pitched at the right level, giving enough technical information but keeping it at a level that wasn’t overwhelming. The videos (despite my slow internet!) provided great teaching points – and it was obvious that they were fun to make!”

Anne Little – Pilates Instructor

“Did the course a few years ago. LOVE what you guys do! You are very professional, knowledgeable, creative and still constantly supporting me as a purestretch Instructor.
Thank you and keep up the amazing work. Xx”

Karen Murrie – Fitness Instructor

“Just want to say a HUGE THANK YOU to Purestretch. I started teaching this fabulous class last month and now have 5 classes, tonight we finished off the year with a superb PS by candlelight class had 33 participants, men and women and everyone loved it!”

The Studio in Taunton

“I met Ciaran on a purestretch course many, many years ago and after qualifying, introduced the programme to my studio in Taunton. I started with one morning and one evening class a week which didn’t last long as they were both full in the first week! This resulted in me adding more Pure Stretch classes to my timetable and now have a purestretch class every day of the week! We also deliver three Pure Stretch with Power classes a week!”

Donna Noll – Pilates Instructor

“Pure Stretch is an amazing class which caters for everyone. Coming from a Pilates background I actually never believed it would match the popularity of Pilates – but it has! I work closely with Physiotherapists, Osteopaths and Chiropractors in my area, and they all recommend Pure Stretch to their clients who need to move more freely and/or increase their flexibility which is an incredible accolade. Offering purestretch ensures I meet our clients’ needs from both a core strength and flexibility angle. I cannot praise purestretch enough x”

Caron Lewis – Pilates Instructor

“I’m currently working my way through the online course and I’m loving it. I can’t wait to add this programme to the other classes I teach.”

Amanda Pickstock – Revive Fitness

“When someone describes your class as making then feel relaxed, energised and ready to take on the world you know you made the right career choice to teach purestretch.”

Anna of Compono – Fitness and Health

“I have run through the purestretch routine a couple of times now and Love Love Love it! The instructions are fantastic and I have really enjoyed all the moves .. I’m so thrilled I jumped on this course.”

Samantha Riley – Studio Co-Ordinator Phyllis Court

“Our Pure Stretch classes are some of the most sought after classes in our Fitness Centre studio. We receive constant feedback from our members about the wonderful results from their regular attendance and they are always requesting more Pure Stretch to be included on our timetable. The classes welcome a range of ages and abilities, and with the skilled teaching of our instructors everyone feels the incredible benefits of taking part in our Pure Stretch classes”

Wendy Wheeler from Deal

“I have just done a purestretch class and it was a revelation! As a regular runner, hamstrings and calves stiffen up and this class helped them loosen up massively just after a few sessions .. Feels amazing!
Cannot recommend this class enough, thank you!”

Sarah Newby fitness professional

“purestretch isn’t Pilates or Yoga adapted – it is purestretch. I benefitted from some excellent and informative training to gain my certification to teach purestretch; covering the theory and practice of stretching. Every week my participants leave feeling stretched, strengthened and relaxed and report of the best nights sleep of the week”

Jo Little of Talkactivefitness

“I LOVE purestretch! High Quality training and fantastic post training support! this course is well worth doing”

Natalia Fabre

“Thank you for an awesome online course. I have enjoyed every part of it and really feel ready to teach Purestretch!”