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  • Want to love what you do ?
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For just £315 you can train with purestretch and have the freedom and flexibility to build your own business, teaching stretch, core and fitness classes.

Once you book your purestretch course you have immediate access to the online content and as an extra bonus you will receive a purestretch manual and stretch strap in the post!

Be your own boss and chose:

  • When you want to work
  • How much you charge.
  • The style of class you want to teach.

You will have access to a huge variety of stretch sequences so that you can personalise your teaching approach, making each class a true reflection of your own unique style.

AND here’s the cherry on top:

In your very first week as an instructor, you have the potential to earn back the entire cost of the course!


With the added bonus of your very own tutor to support you throughout your course … so you never feel alone or overwhelmed.

As soon as sign up you will become part of the purestretch Team .. we’re a friendly bunch and we are here to help you succeed.

So let’s get this journey started and join the purestretch Team of Instructors!
We will teach you
  • Purestretch Anatomy and Physiology so that you have a deeper understanding on how the body reacts to exercise.
  • How to become a purestretch Instructor enabling you to deliver one of the most popular stretch classes in the UK.
  • To be the best you that you can be! giving you the confidence to get out there and do this!

You will have access to light-hearted, educational online content that is fun, motivating and will help you gain the confidence to become an awesome stretch instructor.

The online course content includes purestretch anatomy and physiology and how to:

If you’re still not sure .. just get in touch and we will answer any of your questions.