The purestretch story

After 24 years of teaching High impact classes I was ready to add a new direction to my fitness journey, but I wanted this “new direction” to be something different? Something that stood out from what the other instructors had to offer and something that there was a demand for?

It needed to be a simple concept that everyone would enjoy and benefit from, I wanted it to be fun, friendly and flexible ….  and this was the start of my purestretch journey …  teaching people how to stretch properly, no overthinking, no over teaching … just keeping it simple and light-hearted!

I spent the following 3 years qualifying as a Yoga Teacher, Pilates Teacher and an advanced Thai Massage Therapist and eventually created purestretch which was a combination of all these disciplines – it was my time to have fun with flexibility!

Within one month of teaching purestretch I went from delivering 1 class a week to 14, across multiple sites and within 3 months .. I knew I had made the right decision! My revenue increased, I loved what I was teaching, and my body thanked me for it.

The great news is .. you don’t have to set aside the next 3 years of your life to teach purestretch .. I’ve done it all for you! Just 16 hours of your time and you are ready to teach the most popular stretch class in the fitness industry. The gyms love it, the participants love it and most importantly the Instructors love it ..and because this is my baby, I really want you to succeed just like I have, so I’m with you every inch of your stretching journey!

With all of this ongoing stretch and support, you’ll feel longer and stronger so you’ll be head and shoulders above the rest.

Purestretch To Date : The largest and most popular online course in the UK, with thousands of Instructors spreading the purestretch word!

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