Have you ever heard of

(Non-Exercise Active Thermogenesis)
It’s a bit of a mouthful so in short .. N.E.A.T
Non-Exercise Active is pretty self-explanatory, Thermogenesis is the generation of heat and in this case, heat created whilst moving and fidgeting.
The more heat you create the more you increase your metabolic rate and the more calories you burn!


Non Exercise Activity is movement that we would consider a non intentional activity, for example .. walking to the train station, going up and down the stairs, walking from office to office, standing and chatting to work colleagues, fidgeting at your desk. All of these actions are creating heat that, believe it or not can burn anything from 400 – 1200 calories!
(You burn on average 100 calories running a mile)

Anyone who is on their feet all day ie.. nurses, construction workers will have a high level of NEAT and for the rest of us who now spend many hours stuck to the chair, will have very low NEAT levels. My sister is a fidget “Sit still” I always say .. but guess who’s  the skinny one!

The great thing is .. you can create a fab intentional NEAT workout of your own throughout the entire day.

When you pop to the loo.. on the way make big swopping movements with your arms .. on the way back walk with high knees.

When you stick the kettle on do a couple of push ups off the kitchen counter.

When you take a break and go to the sofa… let’s do some tricep dips! 

When you’re chatting on the phone, get up and walk around.

Why not create obvious stations around the house to encourage yourself to do some extra movements and make it fun!

Here’s a super quick video of a few ideas just to keep moving and stretching whilst working from home!