Should I stretch my hamstrings?


If your hamstrings feel like they need stretching and you feel better for stretching them .. then go for it!

However don’t just focus on one area, give the whole body a balanced stretch routine. You never know what could be causing this tight issue in the first place so let’s play fair and treat the entire body to a full stretch. My body loves that lengthening feeling. A stretched muscle is good for the soul and great for the mind  ; )

I’m not going to make any guesses as to why you’re tight through your hamstrings because there are lots of theories on this very subject.

Could it be?

  • Lazy glutes overload the hamstrings! … then strengthen them but that’s another blog.
  • Sitting with poor posture at a desk all day can really affect the hamstrings! .. so stand up as well as sit down.. create a standing station at work? .. another blog.
  • Tight Quads /Hip flexors, affect the hamstrings! .. then find that balance in your ‘fitness regime” ..another blog
  • Working the hamstrings too hard at soccer, tennis, running! .. another blog

As you can see the cause of tight hamstrings can be varied and I could get totally side tracked …but it’s quite simple… you’ve got 3 hamstrings on each leg, they attach to your sit bones, cross the hip and knee joint and attach to the lower leg. That’s a lot of long muscles, which have a lot of responsibility and really needs looking after. So next time you stretch don’t leave them out, your entire body will thank you for it.

Do you need some ideas on how to stretch your hamstrings?

Have a look at our simple online stretching routine.

Here’s to Happy Hamstrings!

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