Blog postI recently took over some Purestretch classes at a local leisure centre, which was running for just under 1 year (averaging 45yrs -80yrs). I was really surprised at the ability or quite honestly, lack of ability from the attendees. Most of them had very little confidence in their own capability and shyed away from encouraging their body to stretch. Their movement from one pose to another was very slow and over cautious and this hugely irritated me and I without a doubt irritated them. This was expressed by the occasional raised eye brows to fellow participants, frowns sent directly to the music system and the occasional direct stare of disapproval .. but this didn’t phase me as I had no doubt that these guys, over the last year had not been experiencing the purestretch love ; ) The upbeat flexibility class with fun and flow that they had originally signed up for!

My main concern was that the classes limitations were encouraged by the instructor rather than the instructor encouraging their progression. ..too many adaptions were made and too alternatives were given when it was not necessary.

The instructor had been led by the class rather than the class led by the instructor. … GRRR!

Within four weeks of teaching these classes, assisted with gentle encouragement, fun attitude and lots of mobilising movement the team totally excelled, their movement massively improved along with their core strength! In no time at all the Purestretch word spread and all the Purestretch classes are now fully booked with a waiting list!

Job done 🙂

‘The instructor had been led by the class rather than the class led by the instructor’

As a Purestretch Instructor I am constantly reminded by the training team not to encourage limitations within my class but to really encourage any progression in movement, core strength and positive attitude.

Energy flows to where the movement goes. If you feel a tightness in your body then your reaction will be to stop within that tightness, but with a bit of gentle encouragement, good cueing, and suitable alternatives Purestretch will get you into the stretch and your body will really appreciate the effort! I appreciate that this can be difficult for people who have limitations due to age, injuries and surgery and there are many of us out there who are genuinely nervous, but in many cases so much comes from the head which is translated to the muscles and then translated to the bodies movement. ‘If You Believe You Can Achieve’ …we know this ! You don’t have to touch your toes, I’ve got freakishly long arms and short legs so it’s a lot easier for me, but all you do need to do is.. move … it’s that simple.
If you move you WILL improve!!

Here’s a simple 15 minute (ish) Purestretch Routine that works on mobilising and gently stretching the body. I use a yoga strap but you can use a dressing robe belt. Never go to the point of pain or discomfort, take it to your level of comfort and stretch and just do what you can. Enjoy ; )


Whilst PureStretch has provided this exercise routine, we strongly recommend that you consult your Doctor before undertaking any exercise.

Any user of this exercise program assumes the risk of injury resulting from performing exercises or using suggested equipment. Extreme care must be taken in selecting and using properly maintained exercise equipment at all times

The instruction and advice presented are in no way a substitute for medical advice.