There are many times that your class will struggle with the correct form of a stretching pose and this
is when you need to be confident with your hands and feet to ensure that their technique is spot on. Be very aware of their space and yours and make sure that your participant is happy for you to be hands on whilst still keeping a vigilant eye on the rest of the class.

In a stretching posture you have a grounding point and a stretching point and once you bring this to your classes attention … it’s truly a Eureka moment!

Here is a video of hands and feet techniques that are used in purestretch both in a class environment and also as a 1-2-1.

The following Hands on techniques are the ones you will be most likely to use in your class

Spinal twist

Spinal twist

It’s the grounding of the shoulders and allowing the hips to move with the twist that gives a great spinal twist. When you place your hand on their shoulder to stabilise them ensure the heel of your hand is resting in the correct place and don’t push down into the shoulder.


Glute/Piriformis stretch

It’s the grounding of the lower back, and bringing the legs in towards the body that gives a great glute stretch. Encourage them to gently push their foot into the side of your thigh as this helps with the grounding and they may need a block under their head for good form.


Back Stretch/Big Hug

It’s the hugging of the knees and encouraging the lower back to keep contact with the mat that gives the back a great stretch

  • Your knees can fit nicely into the soles of their feet. Bend your knees to encourage their grounding and with your hands on the their shins gently lean into them. Do not do this on sore knees!

Hamstring stretch

It’s the grounding of the butt to the floor and the lengthening into both legs for the ultimate stretch. Power into the long leg to keep the hips level. Really encourage length behind the knee, but don’t force this. Be sure that you are not shaping you hand into the back of their knee, get them to straighten their knee into your hand.


Hamstring stretch

It’s the lengthening of the spine that really hits the spot! Placing your foot as close to the base of their spine as possible gently lean towards them and encourage them to relax their shoulders.


Abductor stretch

It’s the stabilising of the the hips whilst the leg lengthens away that makes this stretch work! Use your foot in the hook and sink technique and be very aware of your own body space in these stretches. Make sure that you do not correct them whilst in the stretch but take them back to the starting point.


Back stretch

It’s the sinking to the floor and allowing their shoulders to melt that allows the release through the back. Place your hands on either side of the spine and gently use your body weight to get them into a deeper stretch.. Travel up and down the back with yours hands to gently loosen up the body

Be careful

When you are using the hands/feet on technique you must ensure that your client is comfortable. Be certain that they do not have an injury that could be aggravated by being hands on ie sore knees, back or hips. Always watch their expression…no flinching of the eyes and constantly ask them how they are feeling. Take it slow, step by step with no sudden movements.