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PureStretch was originally created as a group exercise class in 2008 with the simple aim of encouraging people to stretch
correctly in a fun and achievable way.

As PureStretch became increasingly popular, many Fitness Professionals started to recognise its wide appeal, so the PureStretch Instructors course was written and has become the most popular stretch course and class in the UK.

Since that date, PureStretch is proud to have trained and qualified thousands of PureStretch Instructors throughout the United Kingdom who either teach PureStretch as a group exercise class or utilise the supplied choreography to compliment their existing routines.

People still think that achieving fitness is all about cardio-vascular work, but overall fitness should be a combination of strengthening and lengthening the muscles. The PureStretch Instructors course ensures you’ll learn how to teach lighthearted, stimulating and interactive stretching classes with our fun and free flowing choreography.

The purestretch online course is getting really positive feedback from those who enrol, it has that fantastic combination of fun and educational.
Below is an example of what topics are covered on the online course.





If purestretch sounds like it’s the course for you .. then what are you waiting for?