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Purestretch’s whole philosophy to exercise is “ you gotta move to improve” so what’s purestretch with power ..

Purestretch with Power continues to encourage movement and stretch but adds more strength to the poses and introduces tougher core routines.

purestretch with power is ideal for

  • Those who have been attending purestretch and would now like to be more challenged.
  • Those who would like to attend yoga but are limited by time.
  • Those who are not overly keen on lots of seated stretches

Purestretch with power is not suitable for

  • Those new to stretching/yoga
  • Those with injuries and limitations

When you have sign up for purestretch online, you will have a deeper knowledge of the muscles, how to stretch them and learn many stretching techniques. You will have the confidence to walk the room and to be hands on ensuring great posture from your class.

You may then want to progress to purestretch with power .. this is your time to shine and look amazing! As an instructor there is a different feel to this class, there is far more demo work, verbal queuing and less of the ‘walk and correct.’

The Structure of the purestretch with power class.

Your purestretch with power class is a 45min class.

  • 10 minutes warm up
  • 20 minutes of power
  • 10 minutes of core
  • 5 minutes of chill and stretch

Purestretch with power uses many yoga moves, however we have our own take on these and add a slight variation to the poses that take it away from the feel of yoga. We are in no way holistic and maintain the purestretch feel throughout the class. Here are a few of the moves that we will be using on a regular basis in class.

  • Plank
  • Lunge
  • Warrior
  • Triangle
  • Down dog
  • High leg
  • Swan
  • Fork
  • Forward fold standing narrow
  • Chair squat
  • Wide forward fold supine
  • Hindu squat
  • Back Bend
  • Childs pose

Most of the poses are adapted to challenge the class but it is essential to know the basic form and purpose of each one

Let’s get moving and give it a go!

As soon as you book purestretch online you can get immediate access on your dashboard to Purestretch With Power for only £60!