Good one, naughty core…

As a puresstretch you will need to learn to spot when a client in and isn’t effectively engaging their core. You will need to establish a repertoire of cues to help assist your clients with core connection.

Some of our favourites are:

  • Imagine you’re wearing a tight pain of jeans
  • Draw belly button to your spine
  • Imagine someone is taking a photo of you
  • Imagine a barrel with a top and a bottom and straps around the middle
  • Picture each of your hip bones drawing in towards your bellybutton
  • Connect the ribs down towards the hips
  • Soften the lower back

Have a look at the pictures below.. those on the right have poor form and poor core engagement and those on the left have good form and engagement. What teaching points could you use to help those with poor engagement achieve good form? Poor form, or poor core engagement will often look like…

  • Over-arching in the lower back
  • Rib cage lifting away from the floor
  • Hips rocking or moving
  • Shoulders hunching, or tension in the upper body