Ok, I’m going to chat to you about your video assessment and let you know what we are looking for in a purestretch instructor!


Assessment Criteria

Let’s just go over the main points that we will be assessing in your video content.

Tone & Clarity. It’s a real bonus if you can adapt the tone of your voice to the level of instruction, if you want a bit more, the tone is slightly louder, if you want the class to chill then so does your voice. Clarity, don’t over teach just make your instructions clear and easy to follow.

Enthusiasm .. Let’s be honest, stretch could be a very boring thing if you didn’t add your whole hearted enthusiasm into the class. There is nothing better than knowing that the teacher loves what they are teaching!

Communication Skills .. Are you getting your point across when you ask a class to do something, do they understand you and do what you ask?

Purestretch language .. What’s that? It’s just simple and easy to understand instruction. Pilates is awesome but no Table Top Talk, .. don’t assume they have been to a Pilates class and the same goes for Yoga .. although I love nothing more than the Shavasana pose. .let’s just keep it all very simple and use lay man terms : )

Eye Contact .. There is nothing better than getting that 1-2-1 eye contact with your instructor. It makes you feel noticed and connected. I always make certain that I have looked at every single participant in the eye before the class is over.

Demo Work .. Don’t panic about this, if you are not that flexible, this is not an issue. We want to see your ability to get the point across and get the best out of your participant. Form first then stretch, use tools to hand.. blocks, bands etc, to help perfect your own form and remember if you are flexible to never over perform. Your class will mimic your posture, and if that’s you doing the spits .. we’re in trouble! .

Correction/Alternatives.. When you were made aware of an injury or limitation in class, did you give your client a suitable tool to help with the poses?

Stretch Progression .. “Lift Taller thru the spine” ” Pull the leg in a bit closer” ‘’Toes to the nose” etc etc .. job done!

Core Cueing .. Purestretch prides itself on great core challenges so with that in mind always have great core cues to hand .. “don’t flare the ribs nor arch the back“, “Curl through the lower spine as you lean back but don’t hunch the shoulders“” “Breathe” Keep the knees steady” “Steady knees steady hips” ..etc etc.

Breath Cueing .. That’s simple! Remind your participants to breathe. They can be inclined to hold their breath when they are concentrating or holding a pose. When working on an awesome core challenge, core the breath .. I normally cue to breathe out on the hard bit.

Form cueing .. Think of the posture you want the class to perfect and the great fun cues that you can create to encourage your participants form. This is what makes the class, your style of class!

Flow and Speed.. Ok this for me is hugely important as it gives purestretch its identity. Purestretch is all about movement

If you do your block in or under 10 minutes .. you know what I mean.

Knowledge of routine .. Have you been doing your homework? It’s going to be quite obvious when you teach your block. I love an assessment where I can see the instructor has practiced their Block and really gets the whole stretch thing ..it makes my day .. so please .. make my day!

So there you have it, that is pretty much everything that we will be looking for in your 10minute Block but please do not panic about your Assessment as this is your time to shine!

The very best of luck and if you have any questions just call or email me.

Ci Cashmore
Mobile 07809 448972

An example of a purestretch practical assessment sheet.


Your practical examination should last approximately 10 minutes.
The pass mark required to gain a certificate is 73%
Once the video has been sent we should be in touch within 7 days with your results.

No don’t panic …This is just a formality!! A box that had to be ticked ….

Appeals process:
Appeals must be made in writing within 7 days of receipt of your assessment/results.

Letters should be addressed to

Purestretch Ltd
The Purestretch Studio
The Coach House
EX31 4DG


Your assessment video will be re- assessed by an alternative Purestretch Master Trainer and you will be informed of our decision within 14 days.