We’ve now covered quite a few of the poses that will be in the Yoga(ish) choreography and rest assured that we will remind you of the purpose and progression of each one in the online routines.

In comparison to purestretch you will be working/performing much more whilst teaching your routines and will have less chance to be as hands on. However when you do have the opportunity to correct and perfect .. take it.


Place the hand between the shoulders and get them to gently push into it. This will encourage them not to collapse into the shoulders and also address the issues of dropping hips. Place palm of hand gently on belly to encourage length of lower spine.



If they struggle, pop a block under the butt of the bent leg and encourage the hip bone towards the heel of the foot. A gentle touch on their shoulders will encourage them to relax and lower the shoulders. A gentle touch (with the palm) on their belly will encourage the ribs and belly to tuck in.



Encourage great form, guide the arm to lengthen upwards in line with the shoulder. Persuade the hips to open by stabilising the back thigh with your legs. Encourage length and lift on the side before they slide the back of the hand down the inside thigh.

down dog 


Knees under hips, to create space. Encourage them to lift the sit bones up to the ceiling, place heel of your hand on their sacrum and press away and up.

childs pose


Get them to sit back on their heels, maybe pop a block under the back of the thighs if they struggle. Arms can be forward or behind with relaxed shoulders. Place hands on their lower back, find their sacrum and pop one hand on top of the other and press through to ease the lower back.



Set up great form, back foot lines up with arch of front foot, and if possible parallel to back of mat. Encourage the shoulder girdle over hip girdle. If they are arching the back encourage them to shorten the front of the body to lengthen the lumbar spine. Cue ..Draw ribs to hips.