Once you feel that you are fully prepared, ready to get out there and spread the purestretch word, you are not only stepping into a new role as a purestretch Instructor … you are also stepping into a new role as a Role Model.

A definition of a role model is:

A role model is someone who has the specific traits and skills that people strive to achieve and enact. These people can inspire others to perform better work or develop particular skills. Understanding the definition, characteristics and importance of a role model can help you identify one in your workplace or help you become a role model for others.

How amazing is it to think that you can have a positive impact on someone, make them feel better about themselves and improve their physical ability. This is such a rewarding skill to have, but with it, comes responsibilities.

As a Purestetch Instructor you need to be:

  • Motivating
  • Supportive and sympathetic
  • Knowledgeable
  • Professional




Always keep a positive attitude in class with a big list of positive cues and encouragement.

It is so obvious to an attendee when an instructor loves what they are teaching and believes in the class that they are delivering. Help your class to achieve their goals by discussing their progress and make the class challenges achievable and most importantly fun. Variety is the spice of life so make certain to add new elements to the class to avoid … boredom. New equipment, simple add ons and new educational information are all ways of keeping your class motivating and well attended.


Make certain that your equipment is easy to transport, there is a variety in weights (for mixed abilities) and purpose, and that the equipment is both safe and clean.


  • Yoga Belts
  • Stretch Bands
  • Over Balls
  • Small Weighted balls
  • Poles
  • Grips

Supportive and sympathetic

Do your best to encourage your participants to take responsibility for themselves.

We are there to motivate, encourage and most importantly give them confidence in their own abilities not just in class but in everyday life. Have alternatives to hand for those with injuries and limitations and always give praise to everyone throughout the class.


When you are teaching a purestretch class you must make certain that you have given yourself plenty of time to practice your routine and that you know the purpose of each movement. If you have decided to spend more time one on area, for example… ‘Specific stretching of the hamstring’ make certain that you have revised all the information supplied by purestretch in advance so that you are able to answer any questions about the hamstrings.


If you don’t know the answer ... .do not make it up ... reassure your participant that you will find out and let them know once you have sourced the information required.


You should always have a ‘professional’ relationship with your clients. Purestretch has a code of conduct you are expected to follow as a purestretch Instructor, including diversity, equity, and inclusion.

This will be sent to you once you have competed your course. It ensures fair, safe treatment and opportunity for all.

Having fun!


You are on your way to becoming a purestretch Instructor and teaching fun with flexibility to many groups. Purestretch is a great class to teach as it has that combination of being fun, light-hearted, and professional. The following “Become a purestretch Instructor’ online course will develop your knowledge through a variety of online class content, videos, discussion and we really hope that you enjoy the course.

Just remember you need to have fun with fitness, there is no point in teaching a class is you’re not enjoying it .. just smile, move, and enjoy!

Well done !

You have completed your 'Training with purestretch' online class and are now ready to move onto Becoming a purestretch Instructor … your tutor will be in touch.