We want you to succeed as a purestretch Instructor and to love what you do. This final presentation is our way of helping you to be the best that you can be.


Picture this:

You’re heading off to your first class, feeling nervous (which is a good thing) but also excited.

Just imagine if your timings were out and you left later than expected. You arrive minutes before the class is about to begin, and your entire class has arrived before you. With the addition of some unexpected new faces in the class waiting to join.

Entering this hectic studio situation, you notice that the room is freezing and dirty! Then a quick thought of panic enters your head…’are there enough mats for everyone?’ … clearly not, as Bob in the corner is not looking happy!

How could this have been avoided?

Are you prepared


First tip .. be prepared!

1. Have a tick list

2.  Arrive at least 15 minutes before your class begins and bear in mind some of your participants may also arrive 15 mins early. Be on time to meet and greet your members. Everyone loves a happy warm welcome.

3. Particularity if this person is new. You must make it very clear in your advertising that new people to the class must arrive early, so you can have a chat with them about their ability and goals. And … it seems obvious but also mention suitable clothing and foot attire!

4. Is it clean? Are the mats clean, and also check the floor and equipment. Is the enviroment safe? Where are the first exits?

5. Your early arrival is not just to meet and greet, but to get the environment suitable for your class. Is the room the right temperature? Is the music system working? Are the lights working?

6. And .. WHERE is Bobs mat? Although you may ask your members to bring a mat, I guarantee you, that some will arrive without mats! Bring some spare mats.

7. Speaking of Mats, now that everyone has a mat to hand (and I cannot stress this enough!), make sure that everyone puts their mats in the same direction as each other and, that there is enough room for each person to move … (Think snow angels!)

8. Style of Music, this is totally depending on what style of purestretch you are teaching and your audience.
Some folk are a bit more sensitive to the volume of the tunes than others; ) The great news is that purestretch supplies music for either a relaxing or slightly more upbeat class. If you are teaching HIIT then you will need to search farther afield for your music choice, but advice is always to hand on the Facebook group.



practice, practice

9. My left is your right?
Do you realise that when you are facing your class whilst teaching, you have now become their mirror?
So, their right hand is your left hand, and their right leg is your left leg, with this in mind you need to practice your class delivery.

You also need to think about the direction of your mat and are you always within view?
Is the class all going in the same direction, luckily the choreography supplied has given this much consideration, so don’t panic but do PRACTICE!

There are many folks who’s kinaesthetic (the sensory perception of movement) can be quite challenging so your communication skills will need to be very clear.

But the key to this class is ‘movement is improvement’ if there are still a few particapants who, no matter what you do or say, are still going completely in the  wrong direction … don’t stress just smile and encourage.


10.  You will have people in your class who might not be able to do some of the movement or poses due to an injury or limitation, just have simpler options to offer and tools to hand to make it all a bit more comfortable but Help don’t Hinder!

There’s a useful video titled Help don’t Hinder! added to the purestretchpro dashboard to help you with this, it’s worth a watch.

11. Although you’ll be keen to offer exciting new moves and poses to your class, for now, just keep it simple. Select an easy routine to teach, that offers a few alternatives.
Stick with this class for 4 – 6 weeks. Your participants won’t get bored, and if you want to add a few new poses and challenges just add one of the 10-minute tips sequences from your dashboard.


12. The purestretch style of class you teach is totally up to you. Some Instructors love an upbeat class and so have moved more towards the tougher purestretch flow routines. Others prefer a calm and stretchy class and so stay with the classic purestretch classes. (There is a huge variety and choices of classes on your dashboard.)

13. Whatever you chose, chose a style that suits you and just be real.. be you!

The very best of luck with your future as a purestretch Instuctor, remember to stay professional at all times and love what you teach!

We are always here to help, so get in touch anytime you need us.