A big Welcome to

purestretch is designed to be light-hearted, stimulating, easy to follow and choreographed in such a way that all levels of fitness can attend .. so what’s the difference between purestretch and purestretch with Beat ..quite simply ..it’s just a bit tougher, in fact you can even build up a bit of a sweat cause you just don’t stop moving!

This style of class is ideal for instructors who love working to the beat!

We have deliberately kept the routines simple as there is no better feeling for your clients than achieving!

Hans (our magic music man) gives you plenty of time for transitions at the start of each track. By the time you’ve got yourself in place, given the set-up cues and a brief summary of what’s ahead (without rushing) … it’s time to start stretching.
The fab thing about this music is, if you go wrong … no one will notice!

Who is purestretch with beat suitable for?

  • Those who can easily move from one transition to another
  • Those who would like to take purestretch to the next level!
  • Those who are reasonably fit
  • Those who would like to have fun with fitness
  • Those who like to move to the groove!

On that note… if you’re loving the sound of this and can see yourself teaching purestretch with beat, what are you waiting for?

(To access the purestretch choreography … you will need to join the £6.99 monthly purestretchpro membership)