Have you been Energy Sapped?

Feeling weirdly exhausted after teaching a class, or even after having after a coffee catch up with a friend?

Have you left feeling both mentally and physically drained? …. well chances are, that you’ve been Sapped!

Why and how did this happen?

What or even WHO could have caused this?

Yip, it could be a who!

If you’re within the Fitness Industry, you’ll know that there’s a lot of us out there that want to give out positive energy. We create it, live off it and spend our time wanting to share it!
Share the love! Share the energy! But that’s the key word .. Share!
Sometimes after teaching a class, you’ll leave a class buzzing .. right?
Why? Because the energy in that room was awesome, it was doing its thing .. that perfect equilibrium of energy just bouncing from person to person, wall to wall .. absolutely awesome!
Yet other times you can leave a class feeling quite shattered and low, so the question is, what on earth happened there?
Where is your MOJO gone? Where is that ENERGY BUZZ?
Maybe, just maybe, there was an Energy Sapper in the room!
A what now? .. An Energy Sapper .. and it’s exactly how is sounds, someone who has quite literally sapped the energy from your body!

But where is their energy? Why didn’t you get their energy back?

First scenario

The person in question may have had zero energy at that moment in time, for some reason they may have hit and their positive energy has overtime, dissipated.
(And let’s be honest this can happen to the best of us!)
So without realising it, they’ve taken your energy but given nothing back .. nada! .. so, you’re left feeling a wee bit stripped and exhausted.
But no worries, there’s a quick fix. If you feel a decrease in your energy levels simply replenish those energy levels. Find and do things that you know will ‘Float your Energy Boat’

Second Scenario

An Energy Sapper with negative energy .. Alert! Alert!
Not only do they take your energy but you absorb their negative energy .. Double Whopper!
These types of Energy Sappers really struggle to create their own positive energy and this can be the case for quite some time. They can’t see and absorb the positive aspects and energy around them like  .. nature, music, mindfulness, the list goes on. Yet these folk need energy and unfortunately Negative energy is only too happy to fill that void!
We are all drawn to positive energy and we all want a piece of it, so this poor Sapper may come to your class for this energy hit, quite literally they will come to your class for a piece of you!
It’s so easy to take and absorb other people’s energy, because the work has been done, this positive energy has been sourced and stored.
Think of your aura.. your smile .. your voice even your touch …This is your positive Energy .. and it’s ready for the taking!

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