Energy Sapped

How do you resolve this?

How can you address negative energy?

I’ve defo being guilty of going to the “dark side” from time to time accompanied by the sulky face, crap thoughts and general bad company. But I’m lucky enough to be surrounded with strong positive folk that would simply say ‘Enough now!’ and sometimes that’s all it can take, even in a class environment!

I have walked into the class where I can immediately sense the negative vibe and say “Whoa! Who’s in the bad mood? No bad moods here, this is the happy place!” … honestly this can work, just snap them out of it!

But maybe you can’t be this direct with others so here’s a few tips

Recognise your energy

Firstly if you find you’re being pulled to the dark side .. recognise this and know this is not your place. Change this negative mind set, change your thoughts, attitude, your diet, your exercise .. do anything that will make you feel good about yourself. Feel positive about your surroundings, your company and start to feel positive about yourself then this will start t radiate from you and so the positive energy begins.

Be Grounded

What always works a treat for me is a simple act of grounding and don’t panic, it really isn’t difficult.
Just sit still for a while and be silent, start to withdraw into your own head, try and slow your thoughts down, they’ll come but let them pass by, try not to get involved in them, start to relax your body and begin to get in touch with how you are feeling. Feel your breath, imagine this as your positive breath and let it travel to every inch of your body. Rather than picking up your phone first thing in the morning, try and do this first! .. it’s a great start to your day


Start getting into the habit of saying nice things to yourself .. and say it out loud. Get it out there .. create this energy!

“I’m a good person, I’m a nice person and I like myself. I’m strong, I’m fair and I’m good to be around!”
These are things that we would say to our closest friends, to our children, to make them feel good about themselves, so why not say it to yourself? Give yourself a well-deserved pat on the back!

Avoid Negativity

Negative feeds negative so be careful, it grows and thrives on misery, and you don’t want that. When you sense this energy in company avoid anything that will feed this ‘bad boy’ Don’t indulge in negative chatter, it’s pointless and damaging.
You know the people who are carrying this energy so if you can, avoid them.
If it’s not possible to stay away then be prepared .. a quick grounding and affirmation before you see them, wear an amulet … smokey topaz, rose quartz (helps keep those bad vibes away ) and don’t get involved, listen but don’t react change the subject .. if you can!

If you want to help, these folk encourage good happy things to be in their life .. get them a lovely plant and a decent happy read, recommend good positive viewing on TV, great music, a good diet, … anything that might encourage them to source their own positive energy .. not yours!

What about in a class environment

If you know who is harbouring this negative energy then acknowledge them but at a distance, remind yourself that you are not part of this. Your positive energy is so much stronger and aim this energy to the people who will give it back. Focus on the positive not the negative .. you are a force of positive energy, visualise this in a way that works for you. But try not to cut these people out, don’t let them feel isolated. They will have issues that have created this Negative Energy and yet they have managed to get to your class. For them, this action is a good thing as they will now get a piece of you and that’s ok, but you need to mange this and just remember that as you’re sharing the positive vibes keep those negative ones at bay!

PS .. salt works a treat to absorb negative energy in a room pop it into corners of the room .. leave it there and after a few days .. chuck it out! Himalayan salt is a great one!